Anselm Spoerri

Business Experience

i-Recall Inc.

AT&T Bell Labs

IMAGO Productions

i-Recall Logo

i-Recall Inc.

New York City, NY

 •  CEO and Co-Founder of software start-up [1997 - 2001].

 •  i-Recall is the first company to develop media moment bookmarking software, called Souvenir, with web publishing and email capabilities. Anyone can use their handwritten or typed notes to pinpoint specific moments in digital audio and video. Anyone can make digital media viral by sharing and emailing highly targeted media moments, wherever the media is stored.

 •  Raised first round of financing from Jay Chiat ScreamingMedia and managing partners at Goldman Sachs.

 •  Invented product line and managed its development.

 •  Developed business plan and strategy.

 •  Developed partnerships and alliances with major players in key markets.

 •  Conducted PR that resulted in reviews in WIRED, Business 2.0 and New York Times.

 •  Sold i-Recall to ActiveGroup.

AT&T Logo

AT&T Bell Labs

Murray Hill, NJ

 •  Strategy work addressing the future of corporate research, together with McKinsey and Global Business Network [1996 - 97].

 •  Spearheaded a joint effort with McKinsey Consulting to implement a strategic process within AT&T Research to help AT&T decide how best to leverage its R&D efforts after trivesture.

 •  Worked with Global Business Network to conduct a scenario planning study about the future of research.

 •  Acted as an organizational change agent to create an entrepreneurial environment within AT&T Research.

IMAGO Meret Oppenheim

IMAGO Productions

Cambridge, MA

 •  Independent Filmmaker, Producer & Distributor [1987 - 1990].

 •  Co-directed, wrote and produced a feature-length documentary IMAGO Meret Oppenheim, an award-winning film about the inspiring life of the Surrealist artist Meret Oppenheim.

 •  Raised funds from 40 foundations and companies to support the film.

 •  Profitably self-distributed the film in several European countries and in the United States, making it the best-attended documentary of 1989 in Switzerland.

 •  Developed the marketing campaign, negotiated the deals with the cinema owners, and sold the broadcast rights for the film to several television stations in Europe.