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 Souvenir - use your notes to pinpoint audio/video highlights


Souvenir is audio/video bookmarking and notetaking software for palmtop, laptop and desktop computers. You can bookmark specific media moments and use your handwritten or text notes to pinpoint audio and video highlights. Just click on a personal note to playback a specific moment. Quickly find the moments you want to review or share and email to colleagues and friends. Souvenir brings your media-enabled notes into your workflow.


     Bookmark specific moments in digital and streaming audio/video.

     Automatic and manual linking to digital media wherever it lives to media-enable your notes.

     Click & play handwritten or text notes to playback audio/video highlights.

     Organize your notes and media bookmarks.

     Edit your notes using a text editor with a linked timeline to create targeted, sharable media.

     Email pointers to specific media moments to colleagues and friends.

     Use a Palm, a CrossPad or digital tablet, or a keyboard to take notes.

     Use a digital voice recorder, a recording MP3 player, Visor, Windows CE machine or a laptop as a media recorder, or link to local media or any streaming media residing on the Internet.

     Supports both Microsoft’s and RealNetworks’ streaming media file formats seamlessly.

Souvenir Publisher

With Souvenir Publisher you can quickly create a table of contents for any streaming media content. Publish your Souvenir bookmarks and notes to the web and enable others to email media moments directly from a web page, making streaming media easy to share and viral.


     Create table of contents to make any media content easy to navigate and search.

     Web publish your notes or table of contents.

     Enable anyone to email specific media moments directly from a web page.