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I decided to become a librarian because I love books. I love the smell of them, the feel of the paper, and the rustling sound of pages as they turn. I wanted to share that love with patrons and try to kindle that love in teens. And, hell, I want to never have to pay late fees.

Outside of library school, I'm a YA and children's book author with one novel out and a series starting in Spring 2003. I think librarianship has given me a rare insight into how books are selected for classroom use, awards and lists. Being a librarian has also given me access to listserves were children's books are passionately and critically debated. What I have learned from librarians will inform my future work.

I live in West Long Branch, NJ with my husband, Theo, a fantasy illustrator and our profusion of pets, including several cats, several dogs and a parrot.